Popular Places to Elope in Seattle.

Elopement-style weddings can take place at just about any location.

For most elopement-style weddings, everyone arrives together at your chosen location, we have a brief rehearsal, I gather your guests and perform your ceremony. Folowing an elopement wedding couples often take off to private get-together or share a romantic evening together.

There may be fees associated with hosting a wedding ceremony in a public park or on city, or state property. Because most Elopement Weddings take place without a lot of fanfare this is often overlooked. Whether you opt to book your location or just show up, I have noticed that gatherings of a dozen friends or so, in a park, where there are no major props, loud music or seating generally go unnoticed.

Lars and Katja in the Seattle Arboretum.

Also, don’t forget, Weather is unpredictable, so plan accordingly. For a sunset wedding, try not to have a West setting sun at your back or in your face. When possible, try to visit the location at the time of day that you are considering having your ceremony.

Do you need a back up plan?
Does your location provide a covered area in case of rain?

Below are several really beautiful and practical outdoor locations that I have married couples. Each of these locations is perfect for an outdoor wedding ceremony. Many wedding take place during the summer season but I have performed autumn, winter and spring ceremonies at many of these locations too. Weather or season is never an issue with me.

AJ and Jody at the Parson's Rose Garden.

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1. Alki Beach (West Seattle, 8 miles west of downtown)
Alki Beach is located in West Seattle; when you stand on the beach the backdrop is the Puget Sound and the entire skyline of Seattle . Ferries pass by every few minutes. Lots of open beach and intimate spaces, scout out your perfect spot.

2. Discovery Park (Magnolia, 8 miles north of downtown)
If you wish is to get married under a giant tree on in a forest, a weather beaten beach or on a bluff looking out over the ocean, you will probably find your perfect place along the trails that wind through Discovery Park. A hike may be required to get to your perfect location.

3. Gas Works Park (Fremont, 3-4 miles north of downtown)
Located at the north end of Lake Union , Gas Works Park offers great views of Seattle , Lake Union , Kite Hill, Floating Homes, and colorful Industrial Backdrops abound -- A unique public park with lots of bold colors and creative places to shoot photos. Also offers shelter from rain.

4. Green Lake Park (Green Lake Neighborhood, 4 miles north of downtown)
Green Lake has a 3.8 walking path that wraps around the lake. There are lots of private places to gather; on the beach, in the wooded gardens and on the docks extending out over the lake.

Greg and Ginger at Golden Gardens Park.

5. Golden Gardens Park (Ballard, 7 miles north of downtown)
There is so many good things about this location; sandy beaches, breaking waves, fields of tall dried grasses and a cool clump of white barked Poplar trees, just to name a few

6. Kerry Park (Queen Anne, 2 miles north of downtown)
If you want a postcard perfect view of the Seattle Skyline as the backdrop to your wedding ceremony, Kerry Park is your only choice. Located on scenic Highland Drive , Kerry Park is half way up the south side of Queen Anne Hill.

Kevin and Craig at Denny Blaine Park.

7. Parson’s Rose Garden (Queen Anne, 2 miles north of downtown)
This small seasonal garden is a hidden gem tucked at the end of Highland Drive , and located on south side of Queen Anne Hill. There is a small covered area for rainy day elopements and always beautiful backdrops of seasonal color.

8. Pike Place Market | Seattle Waterfront (Downtown)
The park at the foot of the Pike Place Market; in the evening, after 6PM it’s not too busy, it’s kinda retro romantic -- great cityscapes, storefronts with neon lights and industrial backgrounds. The waterfront offers unusual park settings; both locations can be noisy.

9. Seattle Arboretum (Madison Park, 3-4 miles east of downtown)
Beautiful seasonal colors no skyline, only gardens and trees. There is covered space in the upper garden for rainy days. Great autumn colors by October. Another area has a pond.

10. FranMo Urban Farm
(10 miles north of downtown Seattle)
FranMo is a Dog-friendly event venue that offers more than 25,000 sq ft of fully fenced photo-fabulous backdrops, practical-use spaces, and multiple stages at a single location. www.franmourbanfarm.com

11. Denny Blaine Park
(Lake Washington, 4 miles east of downtown)
Set on the shores of Lake Washington, the setting is beautiful with classic poured concrete walls creating perfect settings for an elopement ceremony, secluded and intimate. Always busy on any day that is warm and sunny.

12. Pier 62 (Seattle's Waterfront)
A large open public pier located in the middle of Seattle's infamous Waterfront. If you want your ceremony set against a backdrop of Mountains, the Puget Sound, commuter Ferries and the possibility of lots of tourists. This is where you want to get married!

13. Carl S. English Botanical Gardens at the Hiram M. Chittenden Locks (Ballard, 6 miles north of downtown)
There are four beautiful garden setting around the Hiram M. Chittenden Locks (a.k.a. The Ballard Locks) that are free to use as long as you make a reservation in advance. Open daily 10am-6pm. 206-783-7059.

Kris and Nikki were wed on pier 62 Seattle Waterfront.

Jos A and Brick at the Olympic Sculpture Park.

14. Matthew’s Beach on Lake Washington (8 miles NE of downtown)
Another great public beach on the shores of Lake Washington. Lots of sandy beach and wooded areas to create that perfect Pacific Northwest backdrop.

15. Olympic Sculpture Park (Downtown)
One of the nicest things about the Olympic Sculpture Park, besides the amazing environments and unbelievable views if the fact that any couple can have their elopement on the grounds for free. No chairs, no music and up to a dozens guests. Just call to confirm.

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15 Popular Places to Elope in the City of Seattle Washington.