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Secular Wedding Officiant Frank Harlan performs fun, creative and contemporary Non-religious wedding ceremonies for "ALL COUPLES" -- straight, lesbian, gay, bi or transgender -- hosting their wedding celebrations in Seattle and surrounding communities. Frank is the preferred Officiant of couples who choose to put their faith in a partnership based in mutual love and devotion.

"Couples who work with me are usually looking to have their wedding
ceremony performed by someone who relates to their truths and values."

When it comes to getting married in Washington, an Officiant, a Justice of the Peace, Minister, Priest, Rabbi, Celebrant, or Judge share one thing in common, they all can make your marriage legally-binding. After that, each of them is a lot different. The unique differences between persons who perform wedding ceremonies are their personality, experience, presentation style, and the content of the ceremonies they preside over.

"Spend a few minutes surfing my website or just visit my Frequently Asked Questions, it's a good way to get an idea of the kind of Officiant I am and answer a few preliminary questions about getting married in Washington State. After that, if you think I might be a good match for you and your partner, let's talk."

As your Wedding Officiant and ceremony director, Frank will assist you in creating a wedding ceremony that you will be proud to share with your family and friends.

No matter the size of your gathering; from 4-400, your wedding ceremony will be personalized to share your story and be an intimate expression of the love and affection you have for each other.

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I've been honored to Celebrate Marriage Equality with dozens of Gay and Lesbian couples residing in Seattle and others who came to Seattle from Texas, Arizona, California, Georgia, Utah, Alabama, Nevada, Colorado, S. Carolina, Virginia, Idaho, Alaska and Wisconsin.
Email, Phone and Skype make it really easy to plan your wedding in Seattle with me.

What is the difference between a Non-religious and a Non-denominational Wedding Ceremony?

A: Although somewhat structured like a traditional wedding ceremony, a Non-religious , or secular, wedding ceremony celebrates the love between the couple without invoking any religious content or subject matter. A Non-religious ceremony may include cultural symbolism and rituals in it's content. However, the primary focus and narrative is on the couple's commitment and fidelity to each other, and their shared optimism for their future together.

A Non-denominational wedding ceremony is religion-based but not necessarily focused on a single religion’s belief system. It usually includes prayers, religious readings and elements of various religious practices. Meaning that, the content and symbolism incorporated into the ceremony reflects a general belief in a higher power, and how that belief system relates to the success of your relationship.

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"The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion."
~Thomas Paine, Humanist~

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