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destination WEDDING

Anywhere in Western Washington. Any Time. Any Day.

Officiant Frank Harlan has performed Elopement Weddings for couples on some of the PNW's popular hiking trails and dozens of regional destinations that have included Mt. Rainier National Park, Mt. Baker, the San Juan Islands, HOH Rain Forest, Leavenworth and many others unique destinations.

"I offer a Destination Elopement or Wedding Ceremony productions at any location up to a 150 mile radius of Seattle."

Photo Details: This photograph is of Kyle and Maria's wedding. As avid Mountaineers, they had recently ascended Mt. Rainier and wanted the mountain to be the backdrop to their wedding ceremony. 20+ guests took a ski lift to the 7,012ft level of Crystal Mountain in July for this amazing Destination Wedding. Frank snapped this photo during the ceremony, while Kyle was speaking his vows to his bride.

"I've crafted one-of-a-kind wedding scripts and then traveled to distant locations to perform them with the couple and their guests. Some elopements only have the two witnesses as required."

Seattle Wedding Officiant Frank Harlan is a Certified Humanist Celebrant. Since 2009 he has worked with 100's of couples to produce their weddings. He has the experience to be a knowledgeable adviser and resource to any couple planning their wedding. As your Wedding Officiant, he will guide you through the process, and work with you to script the perfect narrative for your wedding day celebration.

Currently accepting Bookings for Destination Elopements and Weddings up to 12 months in advance. Productions start at $900. Additional expenses may include lodging, travel, and per dium.


for a virtual meeting and initial consultation.

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