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Virtual Wedding

Invite Family and Friends From All Over the World

As a Wedding Officiant residing in Seattle, Washington Frank Harlan has worked with dozens of couples to bring guests to their weddings virtually, he's even had a Virtual Best Man who participated from Iceland. Way before the Global Pandemic showed up, Frank had already been helping many couples bring their wedding ceremony to their family and friends in other states and countries who were unable to travel for various reasons. 


"A Virtual Element added to Your Wedding makes sure the most important people in your life don't miss out on one of the most important days of your life."

During the peak of the COVID 19 Pandemic and because of those couples who were willing to make compromises, and get married anyway, a different kind of wedding day celebration naturally evolved. 

Depending on how many guests you would like to attend Virtually, there are so many options available. Some as simple as a few friends on FaceTime to dozens of family and friends attending on Zoom or another virtual meeting app. Whatever is  your best option may be, Frank can figure that out with you.

Couples have become so comfortable with the idea of inviting their family and friends to log on to witness, laugh and shed tears of joy from the comfort (and safety) of their home. Adding a Virtual element to your wedding day celebration is relatively inexpensive when compared to the cost of a Wedding Photographer or a Video recording of your wedding. Plus, Virtual Guest Lists are Unlimited. And the savings on food and alcohol make adding this element to your Wedding Day very practical.


Virtual faqs

Top 3 Frequently Asked Questions About having a Virtual Wedding in Washington State.

Q: Can me and my partner be at different location than the officiant and/or our witnesses?

A: NO. A marriage cannot be legally solemnized in Washington through the internet. Marriage by Proxy is not legal in Washington State. The "Virtual" concept is how your guests will attend and view your wedding ceremony online.

"Although it is known as a virtual wedding, you are real. It's your guests who are attending virtually."

Q: What is required to have a legally binding Virtual Wedding Ceremony?

A: On the day of your wedding you will need a Valid WA State Marriage License. At minimum, the persons legally required to be present include an Officiant (Celebrant, Minister, Priest, Rabi) to perform the ceremony and sign off on your legal documents, and two witnesses.

Q: Our family lives in several different time zones, can we schedule an early morning or late-night ceremony?

A: Of course, that’s the best thing of having a Virtual Wedding, no one is left out. 

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