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Currently Booking Weddings for gathering of 2-100.

My fee to prepare, produce, and perform a wedding ceremony is on par with other experienced full-time professional Wedding Officiants. Whether your guest list is only 2 witnesses, a small gathering of family and close friends, or dozens of guests I provide a one-of-a-kind personalized wedding ceremony to every couple who has committed to work with me.

The role an experienced Wedding Officiant plays in helping you to plan and coordinate your actual wedding ceremony is substantial. Frank Harlan's knowledge and experience in special event production and wedding etiquette is priceless.

Although the actual ceremony may take 15-45 minutes, a wedding production fee covers the overall actual time required to communicate with you; organize and craft the script for your wedding ceremony and assist you in creating your vows. Then we put all the pieces together, rehearse it with everyone involved, and finally, meet with you on your wedding day and marry you.

"As a Humanist Celebrant, I know that I can't be everything to everybody -- and I don't want to. That's why I choose work exclusively with couples who prefer a Non-religious Wedding Ceremony."

Prior to my career as a Wedding Officiant, I spent 30-years traveling and performing as an Entertainer, Master of Ceremony and Event Producer working in the Special Event and Hospitality Industries. This experience has made me a knowledgeable adviser and resource to any brides and grooms planning their Wedding Day Celebration a.k.a. A Special Event.

Wedding Planners are a good resources for couples however, the bigger your wedding production the more important it is to consider and Officiant who is an experienced professional. Your Officiant should not be the least important piece of your wedding day celebration. Afterall, this person will set the narrative of the day and be the voice of your ceremony.

"I always work to ensure that my fee offers great value to any couple who has chosen to book me as their Wedding Officiant and ceremony producer."

A majority of weddings have less than 50 guests. Believe it or not, that is pretty normal. Personally, I love working with couples hosting smaller celebrations. For small groups of 2-4 dozen guests to gatherings of up to 100, I offer flat fee pricing ranging from $575-$900*. For me every couple is created equal. So, I work with them to create their wedding. My services are not like a menu to pick and choose individual items. My fees are based on the size of your group (up to 24, up to 50, and 60-100) plus the travel time required (round trip to the wedding location) to perform your wedding ceremony with you.


As a policy, I book only one wedding production per day or only one Destination Wedding per weekend. I am available to chat on the phone or meet on Zoom with couples from anywhere who are planning to get married some place in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Contact Frank


*If all you would like is a Courthouse-style Elopement (2-4 guests) or plan an Elopement Wedding (2-10 guests) in or around Seattle proper, my fee is a little less. Contact me for availability.

Currently accepting Bookings up to 9 months in advance.


for a virtual meeting and initial consultation.

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