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E-Z Elopement

A Legal Solemnization and Document Signing

If you were planning to have a simple Courthouse wedding in downtown Seattle, but would really like to get married in the morning or afternoon, and without all that extra stuff. Frank Harlan's Wedding Studio or Elopement Garden is set up for doing just that.


I Do's, Signing, and Filing Legal Documents

As long as you and your partner have a valid Washington State Marriage License in hand. You may have up to 6 guests. However, 2 Witnesses are required by law (and may be provided for you). Frank will perform a wedding ceremony with you, then sign and submit your certificate of marriage documents for processing and have 2 certified copies sent to you for your records.​

An E-Z Elope Ceremony is hosted at Frank's
Wedding Studio or 
outdoors in his Elopement Garden

located in North Seattle.

E-Z Elope Courthouse-style Wedding $400
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Frank Harlan is a recognized OCP (Ordained Clergy Person) endorsed by the Humanist Society as a Humanist Celebrant. This status legally affords him the rights and privileges to perform all duties of the Clergy as required in all 50 states.

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