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Contact Frank (he/him)

Currently accepting bookings for smaller wedding productions (2-60 guests) at a location of your choice or at The Gardens at FranMo Urban Farm in Seattle. 

No-obligation initial consultation
I am happy to answer questions and quote you a fee, over the phone. And, if you would like, at that time we can schedule Zoom meeting for a more formal introduction.

The wedding ceremonies I produce with any couple are personalized for them. I support them through the process of creating their ceremony’s script and performing it with them. That is what I do. My fees are based on the size of your event and the travel required to get to your venue for your wedding ceremony. As a policy, I book only one wedding production per day.

Thank you for your interest in my Wedding Ceremony Services. I will reply to your Email within 24-hours.

Frank Harlan

Seattle Wedding Officiant

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