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Off the Beaten Path Wedding Ceremonies.

Seattle Wedding Officiant Frank Harlan performs Small Weddings and Elopements with couples just about any place you could possibly want to get married in the beautiful state of Washington.

During the COVID-19 Pandemic couple's weddings became more personal and intimate. Social Distancing gave couples an easy excuse to do their own thing then send pictures, and tell their stories, and make memories that will be their own -- recalled forever.

Self-proclaimed Tree Hugger and Certified Humanist Celebrant Frank Harlan officiates Wedding Off the Beaten Path. Trails, Waterfalls, Riverbanks, Bluffs and tops of Mountains too. Sunshine or Rain. Dawn to Dusk.

Frank Harlan love creating and having a role in this kind of wedding concept with couples. He has hiked trails, traveled up mountain peaks and carefully balanced himself on the deck of many boats to bring a couple's creative wedding concepts to life. Frank will travel to your unique location and, if required, even hike in 2-3 miles to make your wedding day everything you wish it to be. 


Seattle Wedding Officiant Frank Harlan is a Certified Humanist Celebrant. Since 2009 he has worked with 100's of couples to produce their weddings. He has the experience to be a knowledgeable adviser and resource to any couple planning their wedding. As your Wedding Officiant, he will guide you through the process, and work with you to script the perfect narrative for your wedding day celebration.

PHOTO: Frank snapped this photo during Kyle's vows to Maria. They chose to have their ceremony on top of Crystal Mountain in July. Prior to their wedding they made an ascent to Mt. Rainier and wanted it to be in the background of their wedding photos.

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