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A Formal Wedding with all the Bells and Whistles.

I offer a “Small" Wedding Ceremony, which is defined by Martha Stewart as a gathering of up to 50 persons including the two of you. This production is offered at any location within a 35-mile radius from my office in Seattle.

When putting together an Small Wedding gathering, think of the last time you had 50+ friends and family over for a cocktail party and dinner. From my experiences as an Officiant, Wedding with less than 50 guests is the norm. And these days, no matter what, a few guests may be appearing virtually via Zoom or on a call phone with FaceTime or another popular streaming app.

Wedding ceremonies are like snowflakes;
no two are ever the same.

As a couple, planning your wedding. Always remember it's your day. Celebrate the way you wish. There is nothing wrong with having, a small private wedding and reception. An intimate wedding gathering is not meant to be a casual elopement wedding. It is a formal gatherings; both in style and creative flare. Good food. Good drink. And socializing with your family and your closest friends.

Seattle Wedding Officiant Frank Harlan is a Certified Humanist Celebrant. Since 2009 he has worked with 100's of couples to produce their weddings. He has the experience to be a knowledgeable adviser and resource to any couple planning their wedding day celebration. As your Wedding Officiant, he will guide you through the process, and work with you to script the perfect narrative for your wedding day celebration. Currently accepting Bookings up to 6 months in advance.

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