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Since '09, Seattle-based Wedding Officiant Frank Harlan has produced and performed hundreds of wedding ceremonies for couples of all lifestyles and genders, he understands that each couple is different and is aware that weddings are overwhelmingly oriented toward religious beliefs and straight cisgender people. Following the passing of Marriage Equality in Washington (2012), Frank has crafted and performed weddings for dozens of LGBTQ+ couples, his scripts are deeply personal and can be gender inclusive. As a self-proclaimed Tree Hugger, he is also a strong advocate of human love.

"Whether your plan is full-blown Formal, a PNW Come As You Are Casual, or a mix of Live and Virtual Guests Frank wants to work with couples open to an intimate wedding celebration that is transformational, engaging, and fun for everyone in attendance."

Frank's fresh and engaging opproach to the concept and elements of a wedding ceremony differs a bit from traditional formats and content. For couples who want to make their decleration of love their own, Frank has been honored by the couples who have choosen to work with him as their Wedding Officiant, asking him to have such a significant role on one of the most transformational days in their life together.


"As a policy, I book only one wedding per calendar day."

Officiant Frank Harlan is a certified Humanist Celebrant endorsed by The Humanist Society. Frank produces and presides over Non-Religious (Secular) wedding ceremonies only. Frank's service fees are based on size of your event. Use the "Wedding Packages" Drop Down Menu to read moe about each of these offerings. No matter the size of your wedding day celebration, Frank can guide you through the process and assist you in having the wedding ceremony that you and your partner will never forget.


Virtual guests continue to be a popular addition to smaller wedding productions. Frank encourages couples to bring virtual guests to their wedding, easily done through a variety of Cellphone apps e.g. FaceTime, WeChat, or larger groups with Zoom, etc. He can be helpful there too. 

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