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420 Elopement

Supporting Seattle's Cannabis Tourism

Marijuana is legal in Washington, for many out of state couples that means freedom to celebrate their wedding day in a fog of legal weed. If you are in search of an Officiant who is comfortable with 420, Comic Con, and Nudist-themed weddings you've landed in the right place.


Frank offers a Lighthearted and Loving Wedding
Ceremony at a Location of Your Choice. 


An Elopement Wedding can be short and sweet (courthouse-style) or if you want to be more involved a lot more personal, lighthearted and fun. All you and your partner need is a valid Washington State Marriage License in hand. 2 Witnesses are required by law (and may be provided for you).


Frank will perform a wedding ceremony with you, then sign and submit your certificate of marriage documents for processing and have two certified copies sent to you for your records.​

Available by Appointment Only.
Click Here to Contact Frank

Note: 4/20 is a popular date. Plan ahead.

Frank Harlan is a recognized OCP (Ordained Clergy Person) endorsed by the Humanist Society as a Humanist Celebrant. This status legally affords him the rights and privileges to perform all duties of the Clergy as required in all 50 states.

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