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When the Perfect Backdrop to Your Wedding is at Home.

"Can you marry us in our back yard?"


Believe it or not, I get that request a lot. And, sometimes that yard is at a friend or relative's house, a couple's new home or an AirBNB. If this is what you want to do as a couple. I say, go for it!

Whether you plan to have a back yard elopement with a few friends or a small wedding production with a BBQ picnic and your entire family, a back yard is a classic location to host a small wedding day celebration.

Weddings in Back Yards and Living Rooms
Available Year round with Officiant Frank Harlan


I have had some big weddings at outdoor locations with hundreds of guests, but what I find is that most back yard weddings are smaller and more intimate, often maxing out with a guest lists of 3-4 dozen people. Personally, love this size of wedding production and I am very comfortable performing wedding with a small group of people almost anywhere, and I have. Rooftops, mountain trails, parks, beaches, on boats, in Ferris wheels, near bluffs and waterfalls, all over Seattle's waterfront and even by the big brass pig at the Pike Place Market.

I am currently available to marry couples in back yards and living rooms all over King and Snohomish counties. And, I am open to traveling to wedding destination locations throughout the state of Washington.

To find out if Frank is available for your Back Yard Wedding
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